So it Goes

so it goes*This is my final poem for this website*.

So it Goes.
It was what it was. Unstoppable.
Precious moments running away
like beads of mercury.
Nothing saves you from yourself –
So it goes.
The necrotic impulse, the malign force,
a shadow wrapped in a transient skin,
tangled and sacred.
A theatre of physical torment –
cold to the touch. The speckled tips
of meaning and connectedness.
“and his soul from out that shadow lies floating
on the floor, shall be lifted – nevermore”.
Viewed from the other end of the telescope
he set out to lift the shadow – Helpless,
he had observed the jet black marbled eye,
blinking out of oily feathers,
perched on the goddess of wisdom.
So it goes.
Viewed from the other end of the telescope,
he saw a world in retreat.
The ink dried up, extracted from skin,
sucked by the point of the tattooists pen,
returning to its well of pain. Chest and upper arm
clean again.
Under her left breast, her heart beat once more,
her burnished ring cooled,
slipped seamlessly on to her finger. She regained
her poise, her shape, her breath.
Babies retreated down narrow channels,
bellies shrunk, spermatozoa swam in high tailed retreat.
Free verse and rhyming couplets flew off pages,
became thought, became nothing.
Whispered words of love were sucked back down
twisted wires. Where love blossomed, love faded.
The complexity of colour dripped from the canvas,
became caked and clothed in mistrust –
a box of artless memories,
a graveyard of passion –
Yet the black marbled eye
blinked at him still –
Perched on the goddess of wisdom.


(lines in italics from “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe)

“So it Goes” is the final poem on the webpage A LAST LICK, and therefore the final poem on this website. To READ and COMMENT on this or any other poem on the website go to

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Author: daveyoungpoet

Newcastle upon Tyne born poet

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