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⇔⇔⇔A new poem by Dave Young.⇔⇔⇔
There are many reasons they fell apart, shall we count the ways ⇔ All that manipulation, the emotional constriction; the terrible jokes, terrible with money…you mountebank. ⇔ The fact she chose marmite over honey. ⇔ There are many ways he never loved her, nor she to him, too much hairgel…you coxcomb. ⇔ The secrets and lies, the drink, the dirty dishes in the sink.

Gert 1

To READ and COMMENT on the above poem go to http://www.daveyoungpoet.wordpress.com and CLICK on the webpage GRATIA

One thought on “Excuses

    Kae Bucher said:
    July 30, 2017 at 9:13 pm



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