Believe Me by Irene Ratushinskaya

Believe Me. ⇔ Believe me, it was often thus: in solitary cells, on winter nights ⇔ A sudden sense of joy and warmth and a resounding note of love ⇔ And then, unsleeping, I would know, a huddle by an icy wall ⇔ Someone is thinking of me now, petitioning the lord for me ⇔ My dear ones, thank you all, who did not falter, who believed in us ⇔ In the most fearful prison hour, we probably would not have passed through everything – from end to end. ⇔ Our heads held high, unbowed, without your valiant hearts, to light our path. ⇔ “Believe me”. (written in Kiev 1986)
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Author: daveyoungpoet

Newcastle upon Tyne born poet

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