Water’s Edge

This page is dedicated to all things Water’s Edge by Dave Young and Juliet Adele.
(for photographs of the book launch go to the gallery page)
The above images by Juliet Adele are – Left  – mixed media on box lid from the poem ‘Growing Up’. Centre – Bee, Dry Point Print from the poem ‘Villanelle’. Right – its personal, pencil on paper from the poem ‘its personal’


Water’s Edge by Dave Young and Juliet Adele
first published 2011
ISBN 0-9546191-1-0
All rights reserved. Copyright 2011
by Juliet Adele
Image – front cover by Juliet Adele
“I don’t know what I appear to the world, but to myself I seem to have been only a boy playing on the sea shore, searching for the smoothest pebble or the prettiest shell while the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me”
Sir Isaac Newton.


The following poems are from Water’s Edge by Dave Young and Juliet Adele.
(No part of this publication can be reproduced, stored, introduced into a retrieval system, copied or transmitted in any form without prior written permission by the publisher in accordance with the Copyright Act 1956)

—— ♥♥♥ ——


(3 poems about the death of a relationship)

1. Betrayal

when you left me that evening
not an ounce of betrayal in the air,
you left as the biblical Judith,
anointed, clothed in happiness,
bejewelled and plaited hair,
adorned with bracelets and lilies,
earlets and rings,
to meet you unsuspecting Holofernes.
did you remove your ring I wonder
as he lolled about on the bed.
who do you think you slayed that night?
as you wiped the blood from your sword.


2. The hand you’re dealt

The cards I held from a pristine deck,
you knowingly dealt that warm spring day,
as i sat poker faced with no aces to play.
I was left with knaves and jokers
and ones with low numbers,
as you conjured from your sleeve, as conjurers do,
a diamond ace, as sharp and as cutting
as the smile on his face.
He was smug and wealthy and able to trump
anything I played.
With no hand to show he clubbed me in spades
and punctured my heart.
Tell me. Why is the heart the last to know?


3. Parallel lines

Shackled in a cell,
with memories that smother my clothes
and burn my eyes at every turn,
I escape to walk the walk of an aimless man,
on pitted path and sun soaked street,
searching for my cul-de-sac.
With time running away like the parallel lines below me
and only the distant thunder of a freight train for company
I sit alone on a bridge of humpbacked stone,
the whiff of anaesthetic still fresh from the trust removed
by the skill of a surgeons blade.
I could so easily take my place among the gods and poets,
the charlatans and the fakes,
supping with the sinners and the gamblers on the take


—— ♥♥♥ ——

Under cover

lingering silence
breath and touch,
touch and tremor,
discovering something new
every time
discovering something familiar
every time.
Smells replace verbs,
movements replace nouns,
under cover with the language
of your silent lover.

—— ♥♥♥ ——

by Juliet Adele

The Schoolteacher

Bittersweet pain is the heart.
summoned in the dwindling light by his mother’s call
he innocently searched for his ball in the long grass.
He froze. His face etched with the pain of surprise.
Her eyes heavy with the burden of love
The word was out, shame filled the air.
The accusers gathered for the verdict, black capped,
like crows gathering on a telegraph wire.
Had they not heard of love or is pleasure reserved for butterflies?


She sat alone smelling the pages of her schoolbooks,
It mattered not. The smell of betrayal filled her nostrils,
of stained petticoats above her waist,
his urgent breath on the back of her neck,
the guilt staring deep into the eyes of a child.
She sold the ring he had bought her,
pawned for a one way ticket. Dirty money.
Her life changed at the chiming of the hour.
Her last act was to shut the door. Nets twitched,
crows scattered. Her bulging bag scraped the mortar,
that crumbled like the life she was promised.

—— ♥♥♥ ——

The poem ‘two spoons’ from Water’s Edge was my contribution to peace camp 2012. It has been selected as part of the photography and poetry exhibition at the Poetry Cafe in London’s Covent Garden.  The exhibition runs from the 10th June to the 13th July. For more information go to http://www.artichoke.uk.com/news/peace_camp_photography_exhibition
the peace camp – summer 2012

Two Spoons (to my illustrious one)

For hear I am and there you are
between us our forgotten star,
acting as a counterpoint, wisely keeping its distance
as I try to navigate a path through my foolproof plan
by tracing a line on the palm of your hand
and measure the length of my own,
as if somehow that will show
that our once punctured hearts
and what remains of our scars
can be fixed where it hurts
can be fixed where it hurts.
For I love the way we nestled together,
like two spoons cupped and hidden in a drawer.
A cigarette smoulders in my ashtray
and I think of you through a spire of grey,
the fullness of your blood filled lips
the cleverness of your fingertips,
your body’s arc burning with desire.
there’s no smoke without you my fire.

—— ♥♥♥ ——

‘Water’s Edge is a collaboration between Teesside fine artist Juliet Adele and Newcastle born poet Dave Young.  4 years in the making, Water’s Edge is  poetry and art coming together from the same inspiration source.  Exploring themes of childhood fantasy, burgeoning sexuality, love, betrayal and displacement.

‘Dave Young’s poetry and Juliet Adele’s images tell stories of change from an unconditional standpoint allowing us to get under the skin of its themes.’





(more images by Juliet Adele top Left ‘roses’ – watercolour on paper from the poem ‘the schoolteacher’, top Right ‘broken heart’ – watercolour on paper from the poem ‘triptych’,   lower Centre ‘the chair’ – pencil on paper from the poem ‘the photograph’

Water’s Edge is published by hot wire in conjunction with Bonaccia and Room2Arts. Note: all art work and poetry cannot be reproduced without prior written permission in accordance with the provisions of the Copyright Act 1956.




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