Thundercats are go

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me and emmy lotte

Thundercats are go
by Dave Young
(dedicated to Emmy Lotte McAdam)
Beautiful folds of skin and bone,
and here you are
cradled and nestled;
smelling of toasted almonds –
wrapped and swaddled.
Baby claws peek
at surrounding faces.
The sway –
a legacy,
the beating heart,
the sparkle in her eyes, beguiling and giddy
like the wine in our glasses.
“Thundercats are go” said Juno McGuff,
behold a bundle of human frailty –
but I promise to be strong today.
I bet you never thought you would
end up in my arms.
I like that you don’t mind.
“Thundercats are go”, a new poem by Dave Young. To READ and Comment on this and other poems on the website go to


Dave Young – Good Poetry Licks

One thought on “Thundercats are go

    willowdot21 said:
    July 28, 2015 at 9:13 pm

    Beautiful congratulations!


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