Today in Charleston

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Powerful and tragic artwork by Sage Gallon. Words fail me and I suspect many other at what happened in Charleston, USA. How strong is the voice for gun legislation in the United States? Not strong methinks.

Nikki Skies


You pick the words today… I’m speechless.

This art is from my amazing friend, Sage Gallon.

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One thought on “Today in Charleston

    willowdot21 said:
    June 21, 2015 at 4:36 pm

    I truly believe that guns should be totally banned. The licensing laws must be made stricter and more rigourous tests and investigations need to made into anyone wanting one! I believe that no one needs to have a gun, only those who need a gun for their work and then those guns should be securely kept at the place of work! America you are no longer pioneers you do not need guns . I do know that all countries have this problem to larger and lesser degrees but please it should not be as easy to buy a gun as it is to buy your weekly goceries!


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