About me

The work me

I have been teaching creative writing in schools and community centres throughout the Tees Valley since 1996. Many of the more successful projects have been collaborative efforts. These include the Stockton International Riverside Festival (SIRF), The Newtown Community/Write to Read Projects and Art4 Everyone.  At this point I should give special mention and thanks to Marion Wilson, Juliet Adele, Helen Shannon and Dominic Nelson Ashley who have made the collaborations a joyful experience.

The creative me 
‘Waiting for Jericho to fall’ published 1996
A novel about one mans journey of discovery set against the background of the poll tax riots and Irish terrorism. The search for a soul mate and the shocking truth about a family secret resonate throughout.
‘Ready to Ignite’ published 2004 
A first collection of poems where lovers meet and lovers part, from the awkwardness of a first kiss to the pain of a love lost. You enter a world of blurred boundaries tackling subjects as diverse as aids and the response of the drug companies to the reality of life for some on Teesside.
‘Water’s Edge’ published 2012.
A collaboration with Teesside artist Juliet Adele
Poetry and Art coming together from the same inspiration source. Water’s Edge  explores the themes of childhood and growing up, displacement, nostalgia, the struggle of the creative process and the joy and pain of love.
Many of the poems are complimented by haunting, bold and playful images by TEESSIDE fine artist Juliet Adele.
Go to the Water’s Edge website page  to get a taste of poems and images
‘Angelspit’ 2013
A third collection of poems, free to read and specific to this website. Angelspit is a liquescent tale of shapes and shadow play. A journey that forms into a bubble of gunslingers, retail therapists and softly spoken interrogators. Feel the love and post comments at the bottom of the page. Updates will notified via facebook, email and twitter.
YellowFlower Parts 1, 2 and 3 (2014/15)
A fourth collection of poems, free to read and specific to this website. The YellowFlower pages are dedicated to my daughter Claire and reflect many of the writers and poets she championed from Shakespeare to Franca Rame. Feel the love and post comments. As per the norm updates will be notified via my facebook page, email and twitter.
A Last Lick (2015)
A fifth collection of poems, free to read and specific to this website, some written by me, others from poets and writers I admire. Feel the love and post comments at the bottom of the respective page.
The family me
I was born in Newcastle upon Tyne and currently live in Yarm on Teesside. I have 3 children (Claire, Owen and Alex) and 3 grandchildren (Oliver, Joe and Errol James)
Sadly my beautiful daughter Claire died in March 2013, only 3 months after giving birth to her third child, Errol James. She was a loving,  free spirit,  force of nature; opinionated, graceful, stylish, vocal, informed, creative and incredibly talented. She was the person I went to with my new work – she was  my greatest supporter and my greatest critic. Love and peace to her indomitable spirit.


I am also a keen user of social media. you can follow me on facebook (www.facebook.com.daveyoung.980315 or my facebook page Dave Young – Good Poetry Licks), email (young.dy.dave@gmail.com), twitter (dave_dy) and Linkdin.

I hope you enjoy my website – Feel free to leave posts and comments.