Eden (dedicated to the birth of my 4th grandchild and 1st granddaughter Eden Claire Young). ♥♥♥”The privilege of holding at four hours old. I marvelled at your Eden tricks, a delight of finger lickin’ Eden licks. You sang me to me a Joni refrain, of high and low, a lullaby to soothe the day: maps of Canada and holy wine, the strings of her guitar, that play across the stratosphere like a vapour trail of stars. And then you stretched and showed me more glories to behold; the facial gymnastics, the chilled out pose, the one eye open and the finger grip. Then you stretched again in your button down suit, to show how much you’d grown. I hope for more…there will be more but this will do for now”.♥♥♥

heart 1
artwork by Dianne Bowell

Author: daveyoungpoet

Newcastle upon Tyne born poet

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