Day: July 6, 2017


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A farewell to the cobbles and the conservatives,
Friday night bipartisanship in The Bay,
adieu to the hard and soft blue lines of the river,
from old Peg Powler’s needled teeth to the willow’s kiss, farewell.
The manicured rape seed fields, the billowing stacks, farewell,
rusting men of steel, low lying slack, farewell farewell.
The shaven headed school boys, unseen wire, a sky on fire,
farewell farewell farewell.

A pilgrim’s return, Gese Muth*, Jesus Mound.
To St. Mary’s Well, gratia inscribed in reformation stone,
to bathe in homecoming, to praise, to welcome.
To the land of Armstrong, Wittgenstein and Higgs.
Did they dream of guns and logic and subatomic particles?


Gese Muth means mouth of the Ouse
“Gratia”, St. Mary’s Well. Jesmond.



Website: new page

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The new page for my website is called “Gratia”.

Gratia is the 6th collection of poems, the 4th Free to Read, Free to Comment collection on this website. Gratia: grace, from gratus, to praise, to welcome.

Gratia is carved on a capstone in St. Mary’s Well in Jesmond, Newcastle and is believed to date from 17th century, although it is likely to have origins in the medieval period, associated as a place of pilgrimage.