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by Juliet Adele
by Juliet Adele
by Dave Young.
…guided by a hand, fish cold and bony,
a first steps at the water’s edge.
Ankle deep in the last breath of a North Sea breaker;
cold rush to the head – icy squeal. A single bell tower chimes,
reverberating across headland and shifting dune.
The sun trembles. Waves engulf salt infected driftwood.
Without warning a cloud bursts and the car park
tarmac sizzles.
Echoes of ghostly voices resonate
over crustacean rock pools. Words of love and betrayal
skim and swoop, riding the coastal winds that
relentlessly pick at priory stone.
Seabirds squall and wade across shingle beach
and shimmering estuary light,
returning to their sniping colony.
The above is an extract from “Coast” part of the poetry collection “Water’s Edge” by Dave Young and Juliet Adele, first published in 2011. ISBN 0 -9546191-1-0. Copyright 2011. All rights reserved.
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