Someone Else’s Song

someone else's song

Someone Else’s Song.
by Kamala Das.
I am a million, million people
talking all at once,
with voices raised in clamour,
like maids at village wells.
I am a million, million deaths
pox-clustered, each a drying seed
someday to be shed, to grow
for someone else, a memory.
I am a million, million births
flushed with triumphant blood, each a growing
thing that thrusts it long nailed hands
to scar the hollow air.
I am a million, million silences
strung like crystal beads
onto someone else’s
Kamala Das was born in 1935 into a well healed Indian family. At the age of 15 she was forced into an arranged marriage. In 1953 she started writing short stories and poems.This poem is taken from Kamala Das’s first collection titled ‘Summer in Calcutta’ first published in 1965. In another early poem she would say “I am Indian, I speak three languages. I speak in two and dream in one”
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