A Last Lick

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light on water 1 by Joe Keenan
light on water 1 by Joe Keenan
Titles on the website page A Last Lick currently are:
By Dave Young:
A Sigh for the Impermanence of Life.
Black spots on the Eye.
A Darker Mirror (part 1).
A Darker Mirror (part 2).
Thundercats are Go.
A Last Lick.
A Man Takes a Photograph in Santa Groce.
Other titles:
When the Mantel Clock Stops by Martha Sheppard.
A Waiting Room in August by Julia Darling.
Hedauville by Roland Leighton.
Sonnet (1928) by Elizabeth Bishop.
The Twins by Judith Wright.
The Soldiers Death by Anne Finch.
Casida of the Rose by Frederico Garcia Lorca.
The Precept of Silence by Lionel Johnson.
To READ and COMMENT on any of the above poems go to http://www.daveyoungpoet.wordpress.com and CLICK on A LAST LICK
Dave Young – Good Poetry Licks

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