Words I Dust From My Coat


The following poem is taken from my first slim volume of poems titled Ready To Ignite.


Words I Dust From My Coat (2003)
by Dave Young
A blind rage,
a locked cage,
feet rooted firmly to the stage.
The tightness in my throat,
words I dust from my coat,
an ocean of images to keep me afloat.
The insight, the impact, the light and shade,
the bitter recriminations when inspiration fades,
the difference between the handle and the blade.
Words speed out my darkness;
a cruel silence marking time and space,
scorched by experience, like acid in the face…..
I awake, powerless
words want me,
oh slave to their whim…
relentless, without mercy,
riding demons no heart can salve –
I once saw her tear a man limb from limb.


Words I Dust From My Coat is revised from the original poem first published in 2003. To READ and COMMENT on this or other poems on my website go to http://www.daveyoungpoet.wordpress.com
Dave Young – Good Poetry Licks

Author: daveyoungpoet

Newcastle upon Tyne born poet

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