A Waiting Room in August by Julia Darling

Julia Darling
Julia Darling
Julia Darling (1956-2005) was a Winchester born award winning poet and dramatist. In 1980 she moved to Newcastle and had three volumes of her poetry published as well as short stories and plays broadcast on BBC Radio 4. In celebration of what would have been her 59th birthday on Saturday the following poem appears in Saturday’s Guardian.


A Waiting Room in August
by Julia Darling
We’ve made an art of it.
Our skin waits like a drum,
hands folded, unopened.
Eyes are low watt light bulbs
in unused rooms.
Our shoulders cook slowly,
in dusky rays of light.
This morning we polished
our shoes, so that we should wait
smartly. Our wigs lie patiently
on our dignified heads.
Our mouths are ironed.
Acute ears listen for
the call of our names
across the rooms of
green chairs and walls.
Our names, those dear consonants
and syllables, that welcomed us
when we began,
before we learnt to wait.
Call us to the double doors
where the busy nurses go!
Haven’t we waited long enough?
Haven’t we waited beautifully?
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Author: daveyoungpoet

Newcastle upon Tyne born poet

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