A Last Lick

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A Last Lick
by Dave Young
She attacked his heart,
his senses, his direction of travel,
with silk from her shirt,
watched it ride up her flesh, silk on silk.
He licked the static
at the base of her spine.
A last lick –
a freckled blush.
He discovered the ghost of a smile,
a tremor of touch, murmured and flush;
he raised his fingertip
to halt the parting of her lips,
a temporary hush
to the breaking news –
the ghost of a lie
and the weight of solitary stillness in twilight hours.
Where did you go to my love?
Where did you go?
Somewhere in another world
he fills his breath with her name.


“A Last Lick”, a new poem on my webpage aslo titled A Last Lick. To READ and COMMENT on this or any other poems on the website go http://www.daveyoungpoet.wordpress.com
Dave Young – Good Poetry Licks

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