The Twins by Judith Wright

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The Australian born poet Judith Wright
The Australian born poet Judith Wright
The Twins
by Judith Wright
Not because of their beauty – though they are slender
as saplings of white cedar, and long as lilies –
not because of their delicate dancing step,
or their brown hair blown sideways like the manes of fillies –
it is not for their beauty that the crowd in the street
wavers like dry leaves around them on the wind.
It is the chord, the intricate unison
of one and one, strikes home to the watcher’s mind.
How sweet is the double gesture, the mirror-answer;
same hand woven in same, like arm in arm.
Salt blood like tears freshens the crowds dry veins,
and moving in its web of time and harm
the unloved heart asks, ‘Where is my reply,
my kin, my answer? I am driven and alone.’
Their serene eyes seek nothing. They walk by.
They move into the future and are gone.
Judith Wright (1915-2000) was an Australian born poet, environmentalist and social reformer who had over 20 volumes of poetry published in her lifetime.
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