A Last Lick

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The Weekend Book.

Some of the poems chosen for A Last Lick come from a curious publication called The Weekend Book. The book, first published in 1922 was my Fathers. I say curious because if you look at its contents, as well as poetry, prose, songs etc there are sections on ‘Food and Drink’, ‘Games’, ‘First Aid’ and a chapter called ‘The Law and how you break it”, which sounds reactionary but on reading goes no further than advising the reader how to avoid situations such as trespass and what you do when you find flotsam and jetsam. No radical agenda there then.

The preface to this anti Bohemian publication dates the book and is a cringing read. This is taken from the first paragraph.

“The first axiom is that there are no good anthologies excepting the one every man would like to make himself. We have accordingly attempted to meet every man halfway and to compile a book of clues to a good life and reading for weekend pairs and parties, which each in its fashion may follow up.”

Although this is horribly outdated, it was also my Fathers and being an artist and a lover of literature he will have scoured the book for good writing. Like my Father I too have scoured the book to provide examples of the kind of good writing he would approve of.

Dave Young

http://www.daveyoungpoet.wordpress.com/A Last Lick


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