That Car Park Kiss

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artwork by Juliet Adele
artwork by Juliet Adele

That Car Park Kiss

by Dave Young.


That car park kiss
began an ill fated tryst
that ended with a twist
of a poisoned blade.
The bliss of that kiss
and the offer of breast
would have tasted less sweet
if I’d only got pissed
and flown the nest.
But I surfed on the crest
of an unstoppable wave,
becoming obsessed
with your honey coloured flesh.
Despite all the risks
and the mental gash
that needed constantly licked
I pressed on and on
as you slowly, knowingly
conjured more tricks,
turning the screw and our love
into a one sided contest
“That Car Park Kiss” is from Water’s Edge by Dave Young and Juliet Adele. First published 2011.
Copyright 2011

One thought on “That Car Park Kiss

    willowdot21 said:
    May 23, 2015 at 5:33 pm

    This is fantastic, I really like it.


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