YellowFlower part 3 – opening lines

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artwork by Dianne Bowell
artwork by Dianne Bowell

The final part of my YellowFlower trilogy (Who Knew part 1-8) is FREE TO READ on my website.



Opening lines of Who Knew (parts 1-8)

Who knew (1) “words would become empty noises, slipping in and out of the void”
Who knew (2) “he sent her a poem, and she is lost in him”
Who knew (3) “bittersweet, the warmth of her peach tongue”
Who knew (4) “I followed in your footsteps dearly beloved, and baked a cake”
Who knew (5) “who knew the road would be so cursed and charmed”
Who knew (6) “the taste of night language, the smell of her words”
Who knew (7) “measuring each step, the earth tells it’s own story”
Who knew (8) “Who knew at night the stars would film us all and leave us wanting more”

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