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Luis Vaz de Camoes 1524 - 1580
Luis Vaz de Camoes 1524 – 1580
More ‘borrowed’ lines from the final poem in the YellowFlower series. This is the poem in full.


My Errors My Loves My Unlucky Star

by Luis Vaz de Camoes


My errors, my loves my unlucky star
these three things have been my curse.
My luck and my errors were bad enough,
but love was the worst.
I have survived. But the pain
has bitten so deep in the bone
the rage and grief will not let go-
too hurt to want contentment now.
The blunders scattered through my life
are like a broken rosary.
I gave myself to fortune; fortune broke me.
Of love there is hardly a ghost left.
O who what angel of power can asuage
my terrible demon of revenge

Luis Vaz de Camoes was a Portuguese writer, poet and traveller. His mastery of verse has been compared to Shakespeare, Virgil and Dante


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