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Elizabeth Bishop 1911-1979
Elizabeth Bishop 1911-1979
For the last poem of my YellowFlower (part 3) collection I “borrowed” a couple of lines from Elizabeth bishop’s poem ‘The Shampoo’…this is it in full.

The shampoo

by Elizabeth Bishop

The still explosion on the rocks,
the lichens grow
by spreading, gray, concentric shocks.
They have arranged
to meet the rings around the moon although
within our memories they have not changed.
And since the heavens will attend
as long on us,
you’ve been, dear friend,
precipitate and pragmatical;
and look what happens. For time is
nothing if not amenable.
The shooting stars in your black hair
in bright formation
are flocking where,
so straight so soon?
– Come let me wash it in this big tin basin,
battered and shiny like the moon.


Elizabeth Bishop was an American born poet and short story writer. She was Poet Laureate of the Unites States in 1949-1950 and a Pulitzer Prize winner in 1956

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