YellowFlower part 3

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'who knew by Dianne Bowell
‘who knew by Dianne Bowell

Who Knew (4)

For my beloved Claire, cake maker
I followed in your footsteps,
dearly beloved, and baked a cake.
Pretending you are with me,
to stir and blend, to sift and simmer;
ingredients from the earth.
Flour ground from the grain,
sweet Medjool dates from the palm,
dark drown sugar from the cane


I have learned the solemn laws of joy and sorrow,
the distance between us beyond tangible,
living as you do, on the wrong side of the glass.
I bring a sweet sticky finger to my mouth,
a taste that cannot help or comfort me.
Shadows lengthen, parchment prepared,
oven fired: your smile remains constant.
Wherever you touched the earth, the earth smiled.


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