Howls and Whispers

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artwork by Dianne Bowell
artwork by Dianne Bowell

Howls and Whispers

If love is the ultimate joke
on which our universe turns,
then memory of love is the cruel mistress.
We are haunted by punch-lines of former lovers,
as we make our emasculated crawl into the mine shaft,
like Shakespeare.s messenger
enduring the flirtatious wrath
of Egypt’s last Ptolemy.
The stumbling, humbling final act. A path
pitted with regret and phials of perfumed misfortune,
of poisoned tongues and bloody reckoning.
What is stronger than death? Not love.
When death owns the whole stony earth,
the sensuous rivers, all of space,
and is stronger than hope.
Even our last breath is his,
our last howl or whisper, is his.
Words by Dave Young. Artwork by Dianne Bowell.
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