Look at me

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Gaza is half children
Gaza is half children
“Look at me” is a poem by Nahida Izzett, child of Gaza, reflecting the pain and suffering of the recent conflict through young eyes and a poignant reminder that poetry, whether 100 years old or of the present day, can reflect the human cost of war and sadly man’s inhumanity to man.

Look at me by Nahida Izzatt

I would love to write poems about love,
paint rainbows and butterflies,
smell the scent of pink rose buds.
I would love to close my eyes and see children smiling,
no guns pointing at their heads,
no bullets shrieking, no missiles exploding.
Humanity, where are you?
why do you turn your face away?
why do you keep looking the other way?
I am here,
languishing in Gaza’s allyways.
Humanity, look at me,
see me.
There is a dagger in my heart
and I am hurting hurting.

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